Commercial Divers Insurance

There are many types of commercial diving operations. Though their purposes and processes may differ, operating underwater always carries certain risks.

With extensive experience and marine industry knowledge, Safeguard specialises in arranging insurance for a variety of marine trades, including commercial divers. Our team will consult closely with you to ensure the protection we arrange takes into account the nature of your work, your equipment, your working locations and other occupational risks.

We can provide cover for a range of commercial diving professions, including:

  • Commercial Offshore Diving
  • Inland/Offshore Diving
  • Military, Navy & Police Diving
  • Scientific & Archaeological Diving
  • Nuclear & Hazmat Diving
  • Media Diving
  • Diving Instructors
  • Surface Supplied Diving

To find out more, get in touch with Safeguard’s expert team today.

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