In their annual review, the government’s Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has revealed that that 2016 saw more accidents than the previous year. Of the 1190 casualties and incidents in coastal waters last year, 719 involved actual or potential casualties to the vessels.

1310 vessels were reportedly involved, of which only 42 were non-commercial vessels.

There were 22 deaths associated with recreational vessels and eight losses of life on fishing boats.

On 9 April fishermen, Martin Johnstone, Chris Morrison and Paul Alliston died when the fishing vessel Louisa sank at anchor off the Isle of Mingulay, Outer Hebrides – the largest loss of life from a single fishing boat in several years.

Carbon monoxide poisoning accounted for a number of deaths on recreational crafts, including Alan Frost, 64, his partner Tina Wilkins, 51 and the couple’s dog on board their motor cruiser, Love for Lydia on Wroxham Broad, Norfolk on 9th June last year.

Loss of control and grounding was the primary reason for accidents involving merchant vessels less than 100gt. Meanwhile, there were no UK merchant vessels over 100gt lost in 2016 for the seventh year running.

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