Welcome To Our New Website

At Safeguard Insurance Services, we have always prided ourselves on our unique approach to insurance and the excellent level of personal service we provide our clients but we are not content with simply doing what we have always done before.

Because of this, things are changing at Safeguard. We still offer the same insurance expertise and excellent service that we always have but we want to stand out from the crowd and let people know more about our deliberately different approach to insurance broking.  Though we want to stay connected to the marine sector, which remains a specialism of ours, we’ve got a new logo and a new look to help distinguish us from the rest of the industry, ensuring we stand out as much as our service does.

This new look goes hand-in-hand with our brand new website, something we are very pleased to welcome you to. This new site features much more information on all the products and services we offer and also features a responsive design that adjusts to the device you are using. This means that it will be easy-to-use whether you visit us from your computer, tablet or mobile so you can easily reach us at home and on the go. We hope you like it.

Another feature of our new website is this news page, where we’ll continue to post relevant news, articles and updates about Safeguard and insurance in general. Be sure to visit this page in the future to catch up with all the latest from the team at Safeguard.

If you have any questions about your insurance or our services, you can get in touch with Safeguard by calling 08456 888 284 or emailing sj@safeguardinsurance.co.uk.